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 Climat & Biodiversity issues

Dense and varied reforestation projects in France

Trees-Everywhere becomes Treeseve

Treeseve’s raison d’être is to help repair the climate by creating thousands of forest islands in France, near cities and urban communities .

In partnership with local communities and businesses to:

  • constitute natural carbon sinks and offer biodiversity refuges
  • allow the regeneration of unused land in urban and peri-urban areas
  • propose companies to concretely participate in a societal and environmental approach, in France

Treeseve is…

planted trees

tonnes of CO2 stored over 30 years*


partner companies

working hours created

Updated April 5, 2022

*Based on the assumption that 5 trees will capture 1 ton of CO2 in 30 years

Our Value Proposition for Companies

It is part of your CSR policies but above all your carbon trajectories! Because after Reducing your GHG emissions, reforesting is a NATURAL SOLUTION in your climate policy.
With your local community, we associate your company and your brand with our urban forest planting project and the fight against global warming.
Together, let’s build your realistic reforestation plan, up to your challenges and according to your CO2 capture objectives!

Our partnership with local authorities

We study with you, local authorities, the land likely to support your reforestation project. We provide project management and are committed to finding companies in your region that will contribute to this project.
Our approach allows you in a few months to carry out a traceable, large-scale plantation, without direct costs or the need to make a call for tenders.
With us, your unoccupied land is revitalized and planted with several hundred trees to create a new forest according to the principle of dense and varied plantations
Our projects support the local economy (contracting of nearby providers) and employ ESAT. They are therefore included in your SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) policies.

Our reforestation method

We use a specific and innovative planting method which has nevertheless proven itself, inspired work of Professor Miyawaki: high density (3 plants per m2) and high variety (30 to 40 local species).

This type of planting has a purpose: it allows optimal carbon capture, the restoration of animal and plant biodiversity and the recovery of land in agricultural or industrial decline. READ our FAQ.

Our forest areas offer no wood yield. The absence of felling is secured by a Real Environmental Obligation type Agreement which binds the owners of the land for up to 99 years. In addition, the density implies that the so-called exploitable trees will be difficult to access and of low yield quality.

What we implement

Our commitment is to take concrete action with a natural carbon capture solution, accessible to all types of businesses or requests. Since our creation, our statutes have specified that the company promotes biodiversity and environmental protection by offering natural solutions for carbon capture through the dense and varied planting of resilient forest ecosystems. We only operate in France, in local actions for a global challenge.


“We are committed alongside the City of Mulhouse and Treeseve to take concrete action on two fundamental issues: global warming and the loss of biodiversity. Furthermore, this local project to plant nearly 24,000 trees is a reflection of the historic innovative strength of the City, despite a difficult economic context for our businesses. »

Christian Lehr, President of Viasphere Group

“We chose this project because it is carried out locally, with the resources of the sector and because it makes sense with our daily commitments, in favor of the environment and biodiversity. »

Amandine Kubler, Environmental Engineer – President of Archimed Environnement in Illkirch-Graffenstade

“Our commitment to this Miyawaki planting project in Mulhouse, just 3km from our historic headquarters, made perfect sense. This initiative makes a lasting contribution to the dynamism and attractiveness of our city, moreover, it visibly concretizes for our employees, our shareholders, our customers and partners the start of our CSR strategy, initiated at the end of 2020”.

Côme Lesage – Strategic Marketing and Communication Manager

“SAUTER is proud and happy to be associated with the project to plant 25,000 Miyawaki trees in Mulhouse. This project represents a collective and shared approach to support the quality of life and the necessary ecological transition. This approach is fully in line with SAUTER’s daily actions which serve a sustainable environment. Indeed, SAUTER is committed to providing its customers with real energy savings through its equipment. »

Stéphane Marcinak, President of SAUTER Mulhouse

“As a sustainable and committed regional cooperative bank, we are proud to support this Mulhouse renaturation initiative and this innovative program of territorial ecosystem services. This island of biodiversity of flora and fauna and this area of ​​plant protection against noise are all assets in the relationship that nature offers to man, not to mention the constitution of a CO2 capture well which enhances our approach to controlling our carbon footprint, one of the indicators of BPALC’s CSR policy. »

Yves Rosburger, Deputy Director of the Haut-Rhin department of Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne.

“Quarante-Six is ​​committed to carbon capture with Treesevee”

Sébastien Moreau, Managing Director

“For Wilo France, this tree planting project enriches a set of projects illustrating our involvement and CSR dynamics. In addition to biodiversity, planting trees is a continuation of our policy of inclusion with the use of local solidarity economy companies”.

Laure Masson – De Piante Vicin, Marketing Communication Manager