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Anti-Corruption Policy Statement




Treeseve is committed to maintaining high legal, ethical and moral standards, upholding the principles of integrity, objectivity and honesty and wants to be seen as opposed to fraud and corruption in the conduct of its business. All staff members are expected to share this commitment. The objective of this policy is to promote a culture that deters fraudulent activity and facilitates the prevention and detection of fraud, as well as the development of procedures that will be useful in the investigation of fraud cases and related violations. and who will ensure that such cases are appropriately addressed in a timely manner. A procedure is in place for the disclosure of conflict of interest situations.

The term “fraud” is generally used to describe a range of misconduct including theft, corruption, embezzlement, payment of bribes, falsification, misrepresentation, collusion, money laundering and concealment of material facts. Fraud often involves the use of deception to gain a personal advantage, on behalf of a relationship or a third party – intent is the key element that distinguishes fraud from impropriety . Fraud not only has a potential financial impact, it can also damage the reputation of an organization charged with managing funds effectively and efficiently. Corruption is the abuse of power for private gain. There is a conflict of interest when the impartial and objective exercise of the official functions of a person is compromised for family, affective reasons, political or national affinity, economic interest or for any other reason of community of interest.



Within Treeseve, overall responsibility for fraud and corruption risk management is delegated to co-founder Olivier De Montety who is responsible for:

  • to establish an effective anti-fraud policy and fraud response plan;
  • ensure staff awareness
  • to ensure that Treeseve promptly refers investigations to the appropriate investigative bodies when they have


Reporting fraud cases

Treeseve has a procedure for reporting cases of fraud: contact the Regional Directorate for Business, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment accessible by the number: 0 806 000 126.

>All reported cases will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. Staff reporting irregularities or suspected fraud are protected from any act of retaliation.



Fraud can manifest itself in different ways. Treeseve maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud and corruption, and has a robust control system designed to prevent and detect, as much as possible, fraud and to correct its incidence, if it occurs.


Done in Marseilles on 23/11/21

Update in Marseille on 07/11/22