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Communes: commit to
climate and biodiversity

What if your territory committed to fight against disruption change

with a visible and concrete project that brings people together?

We support the ecological transition of your territory


Treeseve offers communities afforestation projects on abandoned, degraded, fallow land. In partnership with local authorities, we are designing a transversal, sustainable and traceable project that contributes to the common good: in favor of people, nature and biodiversity. With the initiative 1 billion trees , companies and communities are aligning their respective ecological transition issues to engage together in a territorial impact project.

Treeseve acts as a main contractor to set up projects of dense and diversified planting, and, with you, coordinates, orchestrates and accompanies the implementation of the project, its financing and the scientific monitoring (counting and survival).

We also promote social and solidarity employment in your area by favoring local service providers and integration companies for the very planting of our Climate forests.

With the first 18 municipalities, join the 1 billion trees initiative with the municipalities of France!


Treeseve supports you in your forest island project, from design to scientific monitoring!
6 months only to build this project together


What are your goals?

The creation of an island of freshness in the city
The renaturation of a degraded site, an industrial wasteland
Soil and ecosystem improvement
The creation of visual or anti-noise plant barriers
Reinforcement of the green fabric
The development of an educational or eco-citizen project
Protection of water catchment sites
Preparing your territory for environmental resilience

We have the solution!


– Identify land of at least 3000m², abandoned, unused, accessible for planting
– Own the land


The 5 key stages of the project

1- Let’s define the project

With your different departments, together:

  • Field Feasibility Study / Budget
  • Coordination on key stages (Cabinet of the Mayor, DGS, urban planning, green spaces)
  • Agreement on a Partnership Agreement
  • Co-drafting of the ORE (Real Environmental Obligation)

2- Let’s build the financing

With your economic center:

  • Local business coordination
  • Communication on the project to make it visible

3- Let’s manage the site


  • Determination of the list of endemic species
  • Choice of soil preparation
  • Organization of planting and mulching
  • Surface preparation
  • Planting and mulching by promoting the employment of integration companies

4- Let’s educate the inhabitants

With the elected officials in charge of education, the living environment and citizenship:

  • Citizen participation
  • School workshops, project pedagogy
  • Signboards

5- Let’s follow up

With Green Spaces and local naturalist associations:

  • Watering the first 2 summers in case of water stress
  • Aisle maintenance
  • Securing the islands
  • Survival and growth count management

The 1 Billion Trees Initiative



30 000

Planted trees and shrubs


35 000

Communes of France


1 Billion